President Obama wants Cyberspying bill that could lead to jailtime.

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Hi, yesterday I am sure you all heard about the FBI telling the press about the NSA spying on North Korea since 2010 and telling the press that is how they were able to figure out that North Korea was responsible for the Sony Picture attack. & It does however beg the question, WHY DIDN’T THE NSA WARN SONY ABOUT THE CYBER ATTACK? The reason I bring this up is because President Obama is pushing for a Cybersecurity bill called CISPA or the The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act Bill: HR 234 that will end all privacy online and allow your ISP or Internet Service Provider without your knowledge or consent regardless of Contract to spy on private information and that includes Private E-Mails, Text Messages, Webpage Searches, Webpage Purchases which will include credit card numbers, financial information ending the Grimm-Leach-Baily Act and that is not all CISPA would stop anymore Freedom Of Information Acts Reporters like Sharyl Attkisson who claims to have had her computer hacked by the NSA would NO LONGER be able to get a Freedom of Information Act under CISPA and it gets worse under CISPA you have to always put down your real name and Cell Phone when making an e-mail. Now some people will not care but some which to maintain privacy when joining a forum or blog like this one. President Obama also wants to make it a Felony if you violate a terms of service agreement such as sharing your Netflix account with a child or having more than one Facebook account. Under President Obama’s Cybersecurity bill having more than one Facebook account is a FELONY punishable by up to 10 years in prison. From the Guardian News Paper As well as CISPA will allow NSA Spying online
Plus CISPA can also shut down wen forums like this in the name on Cybersecurity It is a very bad and dangerous bill that will destroy the internet and forums trying to get out the truth as to what is going on in Government like this forum.
I urge everyone to please first sign this petition to stop this draconian Cyberspying bill CISPA the President seems now to want
Then I want you to please in order to keep sites like this up and free to communicate with, without fear of Government to call your Congressman and Senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them NO TO CISPA Cyberspying bill HR 234.
Also you can e-mail your Congressman and Senators by clicking this link here:
Please keep the internet open and free. CISPA would have never stopped the Cyber Attacks on SONY pictures Please fight to keep are movement going. NO TO CISPA.


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